SOS! quick help with greasy hair

Do you know that too? You washed your hair in the morning and after a few hours it looks greasy and stringy again? Then you probably suffer from an overactivity of sebaceous glands. This can put quite a strain on everyday life – you feel unkempt and unwell despite extreme hygiene. The reasons for greasy hair are as varied as man himself. In addition to hereditary predisposition, stress and hormonal changes caused by puberty or pregnancy play a major role. Also a vitamin-poor or too vitamin-rich nutrition as well as certain medicines have an influence on the sebum production of your scalp. Oily hair can be quite annoying and since we know what we are talking about, we have some tips & tricks for you in today’s article that can help you and your greasy hair quickly.

SOS care tips for greasy hair

Tip 1: When blow-drying, less is more. Your hair loves it best when you let it air dry. But if you don’t have time for this, we recommend that you blow dry only briefly with low heat. Because higher temperatures only stimulate sebum production even more. Here too, please blow-dry from bottom to top so that the hair does not touch the scalp during the blow-drying process.

An absolute no-go: blow-dry from top to bottom and brush the hair from the roots to the tips. Otherwise the fat will be spread on your hairline and the whole thing will look stringy and greasy again.

Tip 2: Mousses will give your hair more volume for a long time and ensure that the hair does not stick to the scalp.

Tip 3: You are also allowed to back your hair in emergencies. So you can conjure up your dream mane in no time at all. Do not let it become a routine, because this volume technique damages your hair in the long run.

Tip 4: If you don’t like dry shampoos, we recommend a baby powder as a quick help for greasy hair. Simply dust a hint of it on the roots and massage it into the greasy hair with your fingers, just like washing your hair. Then comb out thoroughly with a wooden or natural bristle brush so that no grey haze remains. Et voilá!

Extra tip: The hair brushes should also be washed regularly, otherwise they can weigh down your hair with grease and product residues.

Tip 5: Oily hair requires special care. Pamper your hair now and then with a gentle scalp massage or with a soothing sea salt cure. This dissolves excess sebum and relaxes your scalp. If you tend to oily hair, you may of course wash it daily. The best time for this is in the early morning. This way the hair can stay fresh for longer during the day.

SOS – Bad Hair Day? Not with these ultimate styling tips for greasy hair!

Paying attention to the right hairstyle is essential, especially for greasy hair! Note: The closer the hair comes to the scalp, the faster it begins to oily. That’s why it makes sense to slightly tease the base or the pony. This gives your hair more grip and ensures fast volume.

Styling 1: Strictly comb your hair back and tie it to a tight, high ponytail. Spread some gel on your hands and smooth flying hairs and your wet hair look is created!

Styling 2: Put an Undone-Dutt high on your head and you have your loose Undone Look. Nobody will pay attention to your greasy hair anymore. So-called double buns are also very beautiful. Here two small Dots are made at the top of the head. This hairstyle is great for women with relatively short and fine hair.

Styling 3: Put a knot pillow over your ponytail and wrap your hair around it so that nothing can be seen from the pillow. Then pin with fine hair clips. Everything should sit tightly and finally only fix with a little (!) hairspray.

Styling 4: Arrived at the office and the splendour is still gone? It’s best to refresh it quickly with your fingers. Simply grab your hair from below and knead it up nicely, fix it with a few clamps at the back of your head and your greasy hair will look much fresher again.

Styling 5: Do you wear short hair? Then you will survive the time until the next hair wash perfectly by styling your greasy hair with a little styling gel androgynously from your face.

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