Improve your agility and coordination with penalty box

Whether for opponents or for athletes preparing for a competition, training material is essential. Penalty Box is the best tool to improve and enhance coordination, agility and speed. It has become one of the great allies in training for Marathon, Trail or Triathlon. The truth is that each user works at his or her own skill level, so making training easier or harder is up to you. Check volleyball ankle brace reviews.

What is Penalty box?

As you can see, and as its name indicates, this material resembles a flat box. It opens to form a grid with four squares inside. Depending on how we fold it, we will get different positions to perform exercises that will improve our agility and coordination.

It is easy, versatile and effective. It is easily folded to create an obstacle so that the agility net has a triangular point and is stored in an L shape.

If you’re looking to boost your workouts and improve weaknesses (like agility or balance), this could be your new sports accessory. Plus, it was recently awarded by Men’s Health as one of the top 10 fitness products.

What are the benefits of training with the Penalty Box?

  • Effective and efficient solution to train anywhere: home, gym, outside or even at work, for example. All you need is approximately 1 m2 of space, and you have a training routine!
  • Portable, versatile and ultra-light (weighs less than 1kg)
  • Set up your workout using PenaltyBox, with fully developed training programs, to take your workout to the next level.
  • Can be adapted to all fitness levels and ages.
  • Improves and enhances coordination, agility, balance, stability and speed Speed and agility exercises generally use more muscle, which means you burn more calories. Since it is a training with different movements, it helps to minimize the risk of injuries related to rapid changes of direction and speed.

What exercises can it be used in?

Push ups
With Penalty Box different types of bending are allowed by playing with the grids. For example, you can do them with your arms diagonally, guided by the grid in the center. You can even alternate normal push-ups with pick ups – a real challenge!

Here you can also play with two positions. Either you extend it completely on the floor to make traditional burpees without going out of the square, or you put it in the shape of a triangle to jump over it.

This exercise is known for running in place with your knees raised and touching only the tips of your feet. How about alternating the squares you step on?

Who doesn’t like dynamic plates! If you’re bored of doing isometric exercises, add a little intensity with controlled movements. You can rest your hands on the lower squares and alternate with the two on top, but without losing the concentration of the plate.

You can also put the Penalty Box in the shape of a triangle and touch the corners while you hold your plate.

Lateral Jump
If we put it in a triangular shape, we can improve our side jumps. Stand up, with the Penalty Box on your right. Jump with your feet together to the right. Do the same to the left. You will be the one who gives the speed and intensity.

To strengthen the core, the climbers are a fundamental exercise. Place your hands on the upper squares and try to bring your knees or your toes to the lower squares. There is no excuse to get out of the zone.

Agility Ladder
You can also use it as an agility ladder. You can create agility tracks using this sport accessory, which also improves agility and speed.

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