Hair Care: Products and Tips for Healthy Hair

Hair care for stressed hair

Trim regularly, cure properly, nourish healthily: These tips are standard when it comes to healthy hair. But what about damaged hair? Too hot or wrong blow-drying, frequent colouring, wrong hair care: sometimes we could proverbially pull our hair out. SOS help is available, for example, with the Dove Anti-Spliss Expert hair care series (shampoo, conditioner and cure fluid, from 3 euros), which reduces split ends by 80 percent after just three applications, or with the Dove Intensive Repair hair care series (shampoo, conditioner, care spray and cures, from 3 euros), which thanks to the keratin repair system rebuilds the hair’s own keratin structure and strengthens stressed hair.

Pantene Pro-V has something up its sleeve when it comes to speed: the 1 minute miracle ampoule (around 2 euros), which is supposed to repair six months of hair damage in just 60 seconds by smoothing the hair surface. This is made possible by the care substance BTMAC (Behenyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride), which with its strongly positively charged surfactants adheres particularly well to the damaged areas because these are negatively charged.

Also for matted or knotted hair we have a quick tip for you: Detangler! Detangler is a conditioner or cure that is applied after shampooing and unravels the hair or makes it easier to comb.

Not sure what your hair really needs? With the styling line Energy Code from System Professional you can easily create a care profile for your hair. Simply answer a few questions online or calculate with an expert in the salon the perfect combination of care or styling for your hair. Whether you have normal, damaged, stressed hair or you style or colour your hair frequently, the energy profile will be adapted to your needs.

Hair care with hair oil

A great tip for hair care: Use hair oil. You can either use the products as intensive hair care before shampooing or as leave-in products. You’ll get a great beauty finish if you use a hair oil for styling. The “Refining Hair Oil” from Guhl’s Deep Structure Line (around 9 Euro) contains monoi oil, valuable proteins, essential lipids and vitamin E oil.

Other great products for hair care with hair oil can be found for example in the Gliss Kur Ultimate Oil Elixir series (shampoo, conditioner, cure and serum, from 3 euros), which is well suited for severely damaged hair and gives new resistance, smoothness and shine. The Orofluido Beauty Elixir (25 ml for 10 Euro) is an intensive leave-in hair care with argan oil, tiger almond oil and linseed oil, which has been used since ancient times. With the Orofluido Sahara (160 ml for 19 Euro) you additionally get maximum hair protection against sun, wind and dryness.

Apropos Argan oil: Not only the stars and starlets swear by the liquid gold in their hair care. It is one of the absolute beauty must-haves worldwide. By the high portion of Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids Argan?l does not only care for the skin, but makes also the hair smooth and supple.

Hair care for dyed hair

For the right hair care it is of course not enough to use only shampoo, conditioner and running water. Each hair care product should be tailored to the respective hair – for example, Olaplex helps with extremely brightened Ghosted Hair. With the Balea Professional Color Protection (shampoo, conditioner, intensive cure and spray, from 1 Euro) you get professional hair care at a reasonable price. The Gliss Kur Ultimate Color series guarantees up to ten weeks of colour protection (shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatment, colour shine tonic and oil elixir, from 3 euros) thanks to a new colour sealing formula.

The Elvital Color-Glanz Balsam by L’Oréal (for 4 Euro), a special hair care product for smooth and shiny hair, also has a colour sealing effect. With the luxury hair care brand Kérastase and the Chroma Captive series for coloured hair, you get guaranteed beauty for your hair in three steps: bathing, caring, caring styling.

Hair care for straight hair

Smooth hair is great – provided it stays that way all day long! The magic ingredient is also the right hair care – you probably already suspect it. Because with a few little tricks you can create a professional look. For example with Blow & Go Smooth (for 18 Euro) from the Schwarzkopf series OSiS Blow & Go. The 2-in-1 product makes styling a breeze with long-lasting suppleness, shine and frizz control.

The new Liss Unlimited smoothing care from L’Oréal (shampoo, conditioner, mask, thermal care, blow-dry oil, from 14 euros) also provides a smoothing effect. In addition, there is the hair straightener Steampod (around 220 euros), which thanks to continuous steam and five different temperature settings for a smoothing for up to 72 hours to provide. Liss Unlimited hair care products are available exclusively at L’Oréal Professionnel salons.

Do you have dreamlike curls or is your mane still a little stubborn? With the right hair care for curls you will definitely get a great look. La Biosthétique launches a special care product for curly and wavy hair that is precisely tailored to your needs. The series is called Curl and includes shampoo and curl booster spray, a refreshing Curl Saver and a Curl Defining Cream (each for 20 euros).

You want full control over your curly hair? Then the Australian hair care series from Aussie is just what you’re looking for. Frizz Miracle (shampoo, intensive treatment and conditioner, starting at 6 Euros) uses aloe vera, jojoba seed oil and Australian blue-gum-leaves extract – and hair banding is a breeze. We have taken a closer look at the method of keratin smoothing.

Hair care for sensitive scalps

Some of us know the feeling: The scalp itches, it is reddened, or dandruff makes life difficult for us. The reasons for this can be manifold – colorations, heat from blow-drying or smoothing, stress or certain medications. Kérastase Sensidote Dermo-Calm, for example, a special hair care product for sensitive scalps, provides a remedy. The serum (around 37 euros) calms, cools and relaxes irritated scalps, a cream mask (around 37 euros) reduces their sensitivity and gives the hair suppleness. Both products are available exclusively in the ten Kérastase institutes and in all authorized Kérastase salons.

The most important products for the right hair care

If you want healthy and beautiful hair, it is important that you invest in the right products. You should definitely have this one at home:

  • Shampoo
  • Hair treatment
  • Hair conditioner
  • Hair lotion
  • Hair tip fluid
  • Hair balm

These products ensure that you can keep your hair healthy. After washing your hair with a good shampoo, you should rinse it about once a week and treat it once every two weeks. You can also moisten your hair regularly with hair tonic to prevent it from drying out. Hair balm also has this effect. If the tips are dry, use a hair tip fluid.

Hair care tricks of the stars

Hollywood stars have even more in store when it comes to hair care, of course, to style their radiant and voluminous manes so perfectly, such as with sweet braided hairstyles, elegant updo hairstyles or with veil herb in the hair. Reason enough for us to tell you about the hair care tips of the Hollywood stars.

Hair like Mischa Barton

As the hair stylists on the set of “O.C. California” revealed in the book “The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets”, Misha’s freshly washed blonde mane is first treated with leave-in conditioner, the wet hair is pressed dry with a towel and then blow-dry lightly over head: The hair should still be slightly damp when turned onto large curlers. The mane is heated with the curlers for ten minutes, then cold blow dried for ten minutes. Then gently release the curlers and do not comb or brush them under any circumstances. A little shine spray and Mischa Barton look is ready!

Hair care by Jennifer Aniston

Allegedly, the actress just regularly goes to the re-cut. But a look at her mane tells us: At least one smoothing iron and shine spray is still involved here! Or the perfect hairstyle – like a casual ponytail, for example.

Hair like Angelina Jolie

Would you rather have Angelina’s mane? Then you first and foremost have to provide for volume: This works of course with volume shampoo and spray, but can also be achieved by a neat cut. The weight of the hair has to be reduced, preferably by longer steps. Or you can work with a curling iron. To get the shiny texture of an Angelina Jolie: Use very light shine creams.

Strong red like Julianne Moore

Her natural hair colour makes us a bit jealous, but the fact that the actress’s red hair is always perfect and smooth and shiny without crissy parts is almost incomprehensible. Her hair care tip is simple: the longer the hair, the easier it is to hang smoothly. So just let your hair grow! The redhead ties the wet hair into a ponytail and let it air dry to make it smooth.

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