Find The Right Hair Care Ingredients Now!

So that you always keep the overview when purchasing and choose the ingredients that best satisfy all the current needs of your hair, you can use our short questionnaire to narrow down our selection of ingredients for you.

Answer the following questions first:

I would describe my hair as

A) Normal – I have no problems with them.

B) Caring – I usually take a long time to look good.

C) Dull and dry – they do not feel so soft.

D) Stringy and flabby – they lack texture.

E) I am satisfied with my hair, but my scalp causes me problems.

At the moment I take care of my hair

A) Regular hair washing and now and then rinse.

B) Shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, styling and regular chemical treatments.

C) Shampoo and conditioner about 3-4 times a week.

D) A daily hair wash.

E) I pay more attention to the care of my scalp than that of my hair.

After the wash are my hair

A) Clean and easy to tame.

B) After the wash, my hair starts to work properly.

C) Dry and ask for a rinse.

D) Less greasy than usual.

E) Healthy and clean.

For my hair, I wish that

A) Everything stays as it is.

B) Keep my styling a bit longer.

C) They soften and are moisturized.

D) you get in balance and have more bounce.

E) My scalp calms down and I enjoy my hair.

For me, a good shampoo not only has to clean, but also

A) Simple, without a lot of bells and whistles.

B) Make the hair supple so that it feels good.

C) Moisturize and give elasticity.

D) Remove excess fat and give more volume to my hair.

E) Do my scalp well.

Now count which answer you have chosen most often and look at our recommendation for your personal hair type.

If you have mostly chosen A, your hair is in a very good condition! Whatever your hair care, it works and you are grateful. Since you have already developed a good hair care routine and would like to save some time, look for rich care ingredients that can replace a conditioner at the same time.

We recommend our natural silicone substitute, organic broccoli seed oil and our organic argan oil. Both ingredients are not only natural, they are even more. They are very rich, so that you can omit the rinse sometimes.

If you’ve mostly chosen B, then your hair needs extra attention and extra care, which you may not always have. Frequent styling, conventional shampoos and chemical treatments such as dyeing deprive the hair of nutrients and damage the structure. But, as you know, it’s never too late to switch to organic shampoo and we have great ingredients that will give your hair the nutrients it desperately needs. Do not stop dreaming of your dream mane!

If your hair gets brittle quickly, caring alternatives like our Organic Passion Fruit Oil are well suited for you. We also recommend our organic castor oil, as it stimulates your hair to regrow healthier. Growth is already stimulated if you only use our shampoo now and then.

If you have mostly chosen C, your hair needs a lot of moisture! Quench your thirst and give your hair care with ingredients that have a moisturizing effect, such as our organic apricot kernel oil , our organic prickly pear seed oil and our organic almond oil. You can also find more tips for more moisture in our dry hair advice.

If you have mostly chosen D, You tend rather to greasy hair. The increased sebum production of your scalp actually protects your hair against damaging environmental influences. Nevertheless, we understand, if you are not always happy with them. Do not try to care for your hair too much, because that will boost your sebum production. Use only ingredients that have a balancing effect on your scalp, such as our organic nettle extract.

We also recommend that you use our smart AKAMAI Shampoo if you find your approach too oily, but your tips are too dry. The finely-tuned formula of our AKAMAI Shampoo liberates the excess fat without stimulating your scalp to further sebum production and provides your tips with plenty of moisture – without complaining.

If you have mostly chosen E, you have to literally pack your hair care at the root! For a sensitive and itchy scalp, it is especially important to devote yourself to this before you pamper your lengths with care. Just as a beautiful garden needs healthy soil for the flowers, beautiful hair needs a healthy scalp. Soothing ingredients such as our seasoned organic nettle extract and our exotic organic castor oil reduce inflammation and help you maintain a healthy scalp with regular use.

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