Broccoli Seed Oil: The Natural Silicone Substitute

The very rare golden yellow broccoli seed oil is extracted from the fine seeds of broccoli. The origin of broccoli is assumed to be in the eastern Mediterranean region around Anatolia. The name comes from Italian and means cabbage sprouts. Broccoli first arrived in England as “Italian asparagus”, from where it was introduced to the USA by US President Thomas Jefferson in the 18th century as an experimental plant.

Ingredients of broccoli seed oil

Broccoli seed oil consists of a large number of unsaturated fatty acids and has a high proportion of oleic acid, linoleic acid, erucic acid and eicosenoic acid. This unusual constellation makes broccoli seed oil a particularly valuable vegetable oil in hair care.

For several decades, an important component of the broccoli seed oil erucic acid has been used and valued as a lubricant, plasticiser for plastics and defoamer for detergents. Against this background, the hair cosmetic effects described below can be better understood.

Broccoli seed oil as a substitute for silicones

In natural cosmetics, broccoli seed oil is becoming more and more popular – especially in the hair care sector. There, the rare and very expensive broccoli seed oil is often used as a natural silicone substitute. The positive effects of the precious broccoli seed oil have also been proven in numerous scientific studies. For example, a study tested broccoli seed oil in a conditioner on 20 people in direct comparison with a product to which the same amount of silicone was added. According to this study, the conditioner with broccoli seed oil proved to be as effective as the one with silicone in all points of comparison with regard to wet compatibility, gloss, softness and reduced charging. Unlike silicones, broccoli seed oil has no build up effect.

Our organic broccoli seed oil behaves very differently on the hair than other vegetable oils. As a care ingredient in your tailor-made shampoo it has a conditioning and smoothing effect without leaving the hair looking stringy. It reduces the tendency for flying hair and annoying frizzing. Even with dry hair, it gives your hair hold without greasing or weighing it down. The typical smell of broccoli is no longer noticeable in your shampoo.

But not only in hair care, but also in skin care broccoli seed oil is increasingly used. As an ideal oil for the care of mature skin, it has a protective effect and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. It also has regenerating and cell-activating properties.

Would you like to learn more about broccoli seed oil and our care ingredients? Then simply visit our Ingredients Dictionary and discover other great ingredients that match your hair type.

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