9 Hair Care Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

The range of hair care shampoos, serums or masks can make you dizzy. Especially when you consider what the beauty wonders cost! The truth is that these 9 simple rules will help you maintain your hair beautiful and healthy – for little is no money!

  1. Hair wash break: The less you wash your hair, the better. Frequent washing will cause them to lose their natural protective layer. Try to wait step by step one day longer with the next hair wash and you will notice that suddenly they don’t re-grease so quickly.
  1. Hair washing technique: Even with the hair washing technique you can do a lot wrong: For a gentle wash you should only shampoo the roots and do without strong rubbing and foaming. In this way, the shampoo can gently remove sebum, skin flakes and styling product residues from hair and scalp without knotting or straining the lengths and tips.
  1. Avoid hot temperatures: Too hot water can dry out the hair. Therefore I recommend to always set a lukewarm temperature – the hair will thank you for it. If you dare, you can also rinse your hair cold, which closes the dandruff layer and provides extra shine.
  1. Find the right care for your hair: Did you know that you can damage your hair through too intensive care? It’s best to ask a professional to advise you which care is suitable for your hair! These are the rules of thumb for hair care:
  • Conditioner: conditioner works hand in hand with the shampoo because it smoothes the opened hair surface after washing and makes the hair easier to comb. As a rule, it does not need to be applied for more than a minute and is suitable for daily use.
  • Cure Rinse: The Cure Rinse combines the effects of a cure with the speed of a rinse. It is used when the hair is happy about special care and can – like the conditioner – also be used after every wash.
  • Hair conditioner: A hair conditioner or mask penetrates deep into the hair and – depending on the active ingredients – ensures that the hair is repaired or supplied with important care substances. Their exposure time is slightly longer than that of the conditioner, but it is sufficient to use the treatment once a week to optimally supply the hair.
  1. Away with the split ends: Regular tip cutting is important to protect the hair from split ends – because once the hair ends are split, the division of the hair can continue further upwards. In addition, it also looks good, because intact tips make the hair look fuller and healthier.

Extra tip: If you don’t want to lose anything of your hair length, you should try the split cut – the hair stays on it!

  1. Good-night hairstyle: If you braid long hair into a plait overnight, you can prevent it from being stressed by the constant friction on the pillow.
  1. Sun protection for the hair: In summer, our hair, just like our skin, needs the right sun protection. The best thing to do is to use hair care sprays, which are sprayed into the hair like a sun lotion and protect it.
  1. Metal and sun: It is best to use hair bands or clips without metal, because they heat up strongly in the sun and can damage the hair unnecessarily. Alternatives are, for example, soft hair bands, wooden clips but also chic hair bands.
  1. Real blow-dryer: Set the hairdryer to a medium temperature and dry in the direction of growth – so the hair is not strained too much by the heat, the dandruff layer is smoothed and the hair gets a great shine.

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