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Pushkar FestivalPushkar Festival
Pushkar FestivalPushkar FestivalPushkar Festival
The Colourful Cattle Fair
The Colourful Cattle Fair

The Colourful Cattle Fair

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Pushkar Cattle Fair

Pushkar Cattle FairPushkar cattle and camel fair is a grand event in which around 2 lakh people participate. The fair is held on the Kartik Purnima day falling in the month of October or November and continues for around five days. During the Pushkar fair villagers from different villages gather at Pushkar along with their camels and cattle.

Livestock owners from all over the country meet at Pushkar to trade these important animal species. The fair at Pushkar involves not only livestock trading but also pilgrimage and festivities

It is also the time when Hindu devotees come here to take a dip in the holy waters of the sacred Pushkar Lake, to wash away their sins.

At this time of the year the Pushkar town of Rajasthan become vibrant with color and sound all around.

Tourist Attractions during the Pushkar Fair

» Cattle Trading
The Pushkar fair is synonymous to the cattle fair. So there are camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep; all decked up to be sold and purchased. The proud cattle owners throng Pushkar, traveling across the golden sands of the various places in Rajasthan. There is bargaining, presence of several popular breeds and the parading of the well bred, highly decorated cattle. As is believed about Pushkar Fair is the world’s largest camel fair.

» Competitions
Talking about Pushkar Fair the most striking feature is the cattle competition. Imagine the entire limelight on beautifully decorated cattle when they race their ways into the audiences’ heart or the manner in which they play musical chairs. The Pushkar Fair watches the best-bedecked camel in parade winning the beauty contest. But the most hilarious competition of all makes large numbers of people sit on the camels back and usually fall down! Of course! The camel that accommodates the maximum number of people on its back wins the competition.

» Stalls and Shopping
During the Pushkar Fair the numerous make shift stalls offer a variety of items for the cattle and humans. For cattle there are items ranging from saddles, saddle-straps and beads to strings of cowries. With so many women around at the Pushkar Fair can the jewellery and the garment stalls be far! Check out the colorfully clad women buying silver ornaments, bead necklaces from Nagaur and garments of patchwork, printed textiles from Ajmer and tie 'n' die. That is not the end of fashion at the Pushkar Fair; there are beautiful body tattoos that you can get made as per your choice!
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» Recreation
The colorful culture of Rajasthan comes alive in the form of the folklores, music and dance performances besides the captivating turbans of the men. The bards and the poets enchant the audiences with the tales of gallantry. Cultural shows, exhibitions and movies add to the fun at the Pushkar Fair. Other Must Visits in Pushkar

Besides the celebrations of the Pushkar Fair the town of Pushkar offers several places of tourist interest too like its temples, Pushkar Lake and ghats.

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