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Pushkar FestivalPushkar Festival
Pushkar FestivalPushkar FestivalPushkar Festival
The Colourful Cattle Fair
The Colourful Cattle Fair

The Colourful Cattle Fair

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Pushkar Camel Safari

Pushkar Camel Safari Desert Safari

The Great Indian Desert of Rajesthan can be explored using camels which is the great and exciting experience one should have in a life time. The Aravalli Range are one of the world's oldest, and have sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful hills and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Camel Safaris are certainly the ideal way to spend time exploring the rustic and royal Rajasthan.Camel Safari is an adventure, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast Thar Desert providing the glimpse of the desert lifestyle through remote villages. The special cultural performances on the sand dunes, the camps set up for the travelers, the traditional Rajasthani meals and the picturesque hamlets with friendly folks, all together make Camel Safaris on of the special adventure tour in India.

Camel Safari Tips

#Beside riding the camel there are certain facts that one should keep in mind while traveling the desert regions of the Thar. #Booking of your camel safari trip with prior reservation. Its always better to check the reservation status before you move for the safari trip.

#Get information about the weather.

#Carry plenty of portable water along with sun block lotions and sunglasses. Don't forget to get first aid treatment box along with you.

#Always wear loose fitting clothes. These clothes are pretty easy and provide space for skin to breathe.

#Some thing like Sola – topee is essential for the protection of head. Camel Safaris can be tailored to suit every modern traveler. You can opt for a safari that takes only a few hours or one that is perfect for a weekend or a longer one that takes you through the medieval cities and would take a month or so. This depends upon the clients.

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